Here you will find the “Ready for Take Off” event packages for your events.

Enjoy unforgettable emotions together with your guests at a JetSim event Berlin

Experience the special JetSim event Berlin in the flight simulator with up to 25 “passengers”. With a flight simulator event Berlin you, your family, your friends, your colleagues, your staff or your customers will experience unforgettable emotions “above the clouds”. Whether as a private group or as a company: at a JetSim flight simulator event Berlin every guest is the pilot once and will take off and land the aircraft at least once.


  • More quality, service, performance and/or friendliness than any other flight simulator provider in Berlin (multiple awards)
  • No guest crashes at JetSim and everyone – even the passengers (spectators) – leaves the flight simulator in Berlin with a satisfied smile!

  • You “feel” the movement and will think in the flight simulator that you are really flying – this is due to the graphics, the noise and the simulator effect.

See for yourself and read the reviews of JetSim guests on this website (many in German or less in Englisch), on Google or on Facebook!

Die JetSim-Crew wird Ihr Flugsimulator-Event Berlin unvergesslich werden lassen

Simply inform, book and get started without requesting a quote! However, you are also welcome to visit JetSim before booking an event to get a personal impression of the flight simulator event Berlin at JetSim.

More photos of the JetSim event Berlin can be found in our event gallery.


If you would like an individual event enquiry – e.g. with catering – and further special features for your events, excursions or celebrations, please use the EVENT FORM at the bottom of the page and obtain an event offer.


At a “Ready for take off”-Event Berlin you will enjoy an extraordinary company event or a private celebration, which you will always remember positively. The flight simulator events begin with a welcoming champagne and end with the presentation of the “Simulator License”. During a JetSim event in Berlin you, your company and your guests come to numerous great moments in the flight simulator. Many guests can be in the simulator at the same time. A private event or a company event is always comprehensively and individually supervised by the JetSim crew. One or two JetSim instructors are permanently in the simulator during your event.

Further event packages with extensive event services will be added in the future!



event content

  • 120 minutes
  • up to 10 persons
  • inclusive event services (see below)




event content

  • 240 minutes
  • up to 25 persons
  • inclusive event services (see below)


Alle Preise inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Shipping & handling


Inclusive event services

Special thanks to your customers, the motivating motivation or teambuilding measure for your employees, a company outing over New York, a stag party approaching London, a Christmas party at the start in Las Vegas or a birthday party at the landing in Berlin? With the JetSim Experience Event Berlin this is all possible!

The flight simulator (air-conditioned)

Simulated aircraft: Airbus A320-200


  • many original parts / original control systems (which have already gained “flying experience” in real aircraft for many years)
  • 210° panoramic view with Full HD projection
  • Original cockpit incl. all systems
  • Over 23,000 simulated airports worldwide
  • Time of day, weather and emergency situations individually adjustable


  • 2 pilot seats
  • Spectator area for up to 10 additional passengers
  • the simulator can be left and entered at any time

Die Firmen-Kollegen sind beim JetSim-Event mit an Bord im Flugsimulator

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