The JetSim flightsimulator in Berlin

A fixed-base flight simulator (without moving plattform).

A hallucinatory adventure without outside influences enclosed by a shell and a seamless panorama view. The sound-system reflects the real cockpit-sounds and generates the vibrations of the airplane.

The flightsimulator in Berlin has an instructor-station, where all parameters (e.g. weather, daytime, airport, position of the aircraft, failures, etc.) will be adjusted before and if recommended, changed during the flight.

Equipped with all systems and instruments of an Airbus A 320, which comes up as far as possible to these in the real aircraft in functionality, look and placement, the simulator largely meets the requirements for synthetic training devices of the Federal Office for Aviation according to JAR-STD 3A (FNPT II), but it is not licensed.

In case of special questions for screening-preparation please contact JetSim.

Photos of the simulator