Welcome aboard JetSim – Experience the dream of flying in the JetSim flight simulator in Berlin!

Enter the JetSim Flight Simulator Berlin, give full thrust and take off with a simulated Airbus A320 ®. You take off, land and operate the original Airbus parts – and you do it yourself! Take off – with JetSim’s award-winning flight simulator experience in Berlin! It will be performed also in English!

You are the pilot in a true to original and professional flight simulator in Berlin, which is also used for pilot training.

An impressive and sensory flight simulator experience with many great emotions awaits you at JetSim in Berlin, where you will forget to be in a simulator. You’ll think that the JetSim cockpit will really move when the seamless 210 degree FULL HD panoramic projection captivates you.

The JetSim flight simulator Berlin… the experience from 89,00 Euro, for every level of knowledge and almost every age – also with handicap, because the flight simulator experience is completely wheelchair-accessible.

No previous knowledge is necessary … a JetSim instructor explains everything to you individually and comprehensively, but of course completely understandable. During your adventure flight he will support you as your personal co-pilot. He’s on board from start to finish. Just like your “passengers” – these are your companions, who can join the JetSim Flight Simulator Berlin for free.


  • More quality, service, performance and/or friendliness than any other flight simulator provider in Berlin (multiple awards)
  • No guest crashes at JetSim and everyone – even the passengers (spectators) – leaves the flight simulator in Berlin with a satisfied smile!

  • You “feel” the movement and will think in the flight simulator that you are really flying – this is due to the graphics, the noise and the simulator effect.

See for yourself and read the reviews of JetSim guests on this website (many in German or less in Englisch), on Google or on Facebook!

Some experience possibilities in the JetSim flight simulator Berlin at one glance AND with one CLICK:
  • Adventure flights – from 89,00 Euro, for one “pilot” with up to 4 passengers (your companions)
  • Events and incentives – for up to 25 “pilots”, e.g. a company event or birthday party

Am I at “Flugsimulator Berlin”? No, here you get the incomparable JetSim experience!

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